Life is made up of little things.If we are not seeing it,it becomes Invisible. 


Friday, November 18, 2011

Present me the Greatest gift with all your blessings god

Thank you god.
Today morning we got a good news.
Yesterday night i bought medicine from Meenakshi medicals.
I saw a taxi with name "Meenakshi Ammal".
I felt something divine.
That hunch proved right today.
It is you who blessed it.
You will grow,Nourish,Protect and present me the Greatest gift with all your blessings

Thursday, September 22, 2011

No good News this time too

No good News this time too.We both waited anxiously for sep 25 .i got a call at 3:45 PM on sep 22.It was a bolt from the BLUE.i got used to disappointments.
.But that's Life
whatever happens life has to go on
Trust God

Friday, September 09, 2011

god give me child

God give me a child
I beg yoour pardon for all my sins
You guided me always in my life
Kindly give me this boon

Monday, September 05, 2011

bannari amman temple view

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bannari amman temple on august 20,2011

I visited Bannari amman temple on august 20,2011 and gave my hair as an offering to Goddess.The ABT bus i booked to coimbatore was going through sathyamangalam.When i regained my senses from sleep it crossed sathyamangalam . I got down at Puliampatti and reached temple aroung 6:30 am.This evant itself is an indication of My god's desire to welcome me back to her temple after 3 years..She always stands by me by the times of crisis.I am in very sad and troubled moment right now with my family life in dire straits and without child for the past 2 years.My god knows what to give and when to give.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 18 2011, A new beginning after krishna's outburst

I was good.I am good at respecting Elders. But came july 18,2011 and i was provoked and my ego got bruised badly.Result : A Verbal fight with Father in Law.This is not due to sudden flared up temper but the result of continuos ill respect and provocation. This day taught me a valuable Lesson.

I should be the decision maker.

I have never seen my parents feeling so humiliated for no fault of theirs.If the words from mother in law is bad enough to blame My parents,My brother,my Married life, and how i care my wife,why should i be good?
My father advice is "You take care of your family.Donot allow all this distractions affect your Family Life.You have to Move on".
My mother'sadvice is " you belong to kilakku vaasal veedu Venkatachala Gounder Family.Your grandfather lived a great life.We should never go below our standards.You should make the persons who humiliated to Feel shy.
Be bold.We are always with you.We have given birth to good son and brought up well and we always stand by you"

Thanks Mom,Dad and sasi for understanding me

God,Kindly lead me

Friday, November 26, 2010

good news ...

Will I get some good news Tomorrow(nov 26 2010) at Subham . My one year of Marriage has passed away like a month

cerebral palsy
cerebral palsy
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